About Us

Marvel Compound Tires

Here at Marvel Compound Tires we strive for excellence. We wish to bring only the highest quality product to your doorsteps, but also amazing customer service as well.

We developed our own proprietary formula for our tires that make them the best on the market for quality, wear and tear, and performance. With our airless tires, you never have to worry about a flat again, and without sacrificing performance and weights. With a wide variety of products to suit your needs and more advanced designs coming soon, we are able to meet many of our communities needs.

Our history comes from over 60 years of mold making and plastics, but also urethanes and silicones. With this experience comes an unrivaled product that will help to change the face of the industry. Once you receive a set of our tires and take them for a spin yourself, you will feel the same way.

Thank you for your time and patronage, we look forward to serving you soon!

The Marvel Team