700 x 20C Daytona TT (622)

700 x 20C Daytona TT (622)

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Part Number:700-20-StreetTT


Fits Rims 13-14 mm
Our most popular 700c tire. The Daytona TT and HP fit a lot of rims like the Mavic Open Pro and other quality touring type rims. Made to fit rims 14-16.5mm wide rims (between the hooks) the Daytona gives a good secure feeling ride. The shape of the tire and the way it snaps into the rim makes it real hard to dislodge. Once the tire is broken in it has a nice stick to it. Depending on your road asphalt type this tire can last from 2,000 to 6,000 miles.We make these tires at two different psi feels of 90psi and 120psi. For a real good riding combination, mix the tires. Get the 90psi tire for up front and put the 120 psi tire on the rear. (mention that in the order comments section) If you ride more than 25 miles at a time or weigh more than 180lbs, Also the Daytona can squeeze into rims as thin as 12mm, but it just takes a little longer to install. And you dont need our installation tool to put them on, just tire levers.

Diameter: 622 mm
Width: 13-14 mm
Depth: 10 mm
Weight: 1 lbs.
ETRTO: 20-622

Return Policy: 30 Days, this tire may be returned in new condition.
Warranty: This tire is warranted for one year.

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